Pamela Singh, Designer/ Founder  ORA Design

ORA Jewellery is designed and hand-crafted by Pamela Singh. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, made with great care, passion and attention to detail. All elements are carefully selected and are of the highest quality. She only uses the finest chain, leather + recycled & vintage materials in every limited edition creation.  

Pamela puts great emphasis on smooth modern lines. She wants her jewellery to be both an artful adornment as well as an everyday accessory. Every piece goes through rigorous critique and many stages of refinement. Her goal is to make sure that every piece of handmade jewellery is artistic, unique and comfortable. 

Pamela’s philosophy remains simple and elegant. "You have to put meaning into your creations to make them special and functional. That's what I do—I create from the heart and bring a feeling of love and classic wearability to my collections. I design it with the fashion forward professional, fashionistas and the socialite woman in mind."

When not designing pieces for ORA, Pamela enjoys reading, dance, decorating, meditation & outdoor activities. She finds much of her inspiration in nature; translating form & pattern into her designs. Sourcing  unique hardware & elements throughout her day-to-day is one of her favourite pastimes. It's especially rewarding during her travels. San Francisco, New York, the Caribbean, UK and India have been good to her.  With the launch of divineora.com a new chapter is open....a new journey begins.